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Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
in that united states anti-doping agency report that was released about four months ago. many of which have said that lance armstrong set the tone and it was the expectation that many of them, if they were to consider to be the top riders on his team, that they would be expected and required to use the performance-enhancing drugs. we heard from one of his former teammates earlier this week. >> a lot of -- a lot of us tried to tell this story to the world more than a decade ago. and the ones who did just got annihilated by lance armstrong. >> you know, victor, that kind of speaks to what exactly -- one of the major reasons why this interview has garnered so much attention this week, not simply that lance armstrong denied using performance-enhancing drugs for so long, but the manner in which he went after many of the people who, in many cases, didn't necessarily didn't want to come forward but were compelled to come forward because they had been is upped and forced to testify under oath. that's how a lot of this started coming to light. lance armstrong vigorously attacked those people over the yea
Jan 13, 2013 5:00am PST
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Jan 5, 2013 5:00am PST
of damascus, the united nations now puts the toll from almost two years of fighting at more than 60,000. meanwhile, u.s. troops have arrived in turkey to man patriot missile defense stations near the syria border. nick walsh has the latest. >> reporter: turkish media reporting nearly 30 u.s. military personnel flew into the southern city, staying in a hotel there before they conducted site surveillance as to where these two patriot missile batteries were to go. embassy officials confirming friday, yes, the process have begun of u.s. personnel and equipment flying into the southern military base. this, of course, is part of the u.s. contribution to nato's response of turkey asking for extra defensive help along that very volatile border with syria. holland and germany also expected to both contribute to patriot missile batteries and hundreds of troops to support that particular deployment. what this does is put the world's largest military machine, nato, right on the doorstep of this very brittle and brutal 21-month-long civil war. syrian regime shells landing inside turkey, promptin
Jan 19, 2013 7:00am PST
of the united states. [ laughter ] >> see, the president can even laugh about his loans now. but this is no joke. a college education is an investment. maybe the most important one you'll ever make. this week i had the honor of speaking to students at knox college, a private liberal arts college, in gailsburg, illinois. i told them there are four available workers for every job in this country. i said, look around you, look around you in that room. you got to beat out three of those classmates just to get hired. you still have a golden ticket. you're just going to have to work harder to get it punched. parents, i want to hear from you. are your kids coming out of college, are they prepared to enter the job market and fend for themselves? find us on facebook and twitter. bottomline. and catch me this afternoon with ali velshi, see why some democrats are saying debt problem, what debt problem? "cnn saturday morning" with randi kaye continues right now. >>> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> good morning, everyone, and welcome to this special edition of "cnn saturday morning," it's satu
Jan 19, 2013 10:00am EST
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Jan 27, 2013 5:00am PST
cĀ® max for maximum results. >>> welcome back. 13 minutes past the hour now. the united states post office needs money. a lot of money. so starting today, it's going to cost you a little more to send your mail if you are just want to send a normal letter to grand grandma, a penny more. 46 cents. a postcard goes to 33 cents. it doesn't end there. it now costs you $1.10 to send a letter to canada and mexico. $1.05 for most other destinations. overall, prices for mailing and shipping will increase by 4%. u.s. postal regulatory commission ruth goldway joins me to talk about this. let me show you this first. the net loss of the u.s. postal service, about $16 billion last year. more than triple the $5 billion in losses the year before. is the post office going broke? is a penny more for a letter really going to turn things around? >> a penny will bring about another billion in revenue to the postal service this year. but the issue with regard to the big deficits relates to the fact that the postal service has to prepay a fund that will pay for future retirees' health care benefits over the next
Jan 19, 2013 4:30am PST
. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> welcome back, everyone. michelle obama made another style choice this week that social media seems to be pretty excited about. as we mentioned a few moments ago, the first lady has a new hairstyle. you see it right there. since she's such a trendsetter, fashion watchers are saying that the bangs craze is sure to catch on. in fact, it seems it has already made an impression on our show team. dare we take a look at these pictures? take a look here at our associate producer, hana, lovely without the bangs, of course. but check it out, here she is with some bangs. oh, yeah. really adds something, don't you think? one of our other associate producers, yasmine, beautiful hair. but was inspired by the first lady's new do as well. here is her new l
Jan 26, 2013 5:00am PST
has come to show the united states department of justice and its affiliates the true meaning of infiltration. the time has come to give this system a taste of its own medicine. the time has come for them to feel the helplessness and fear that comes with being forced into a game where the odds are stacked against them. >> certainly speaks a lot to how they felt about the case with aaron schwartz. what about these warheads? they each have the name of a supreme court justice. what are these about? >> we tried to look into that a little more. details given on this statement by anonymous are very vague. they don't go into detail about the extent of damage these virtual warheads will cause. what we do know, though, is that they're asking syndicates of anonymous to download these files and be ready when they say go. they're calling this operation last resort. it's a very ominous warning, saying it's no holds bar against the u.s. government. they're not in it to negotiate. this is an ultimatum. either change the way you come after the hackers or we're going to come after you and they
Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
in charge of this unit. they wanted me to reduce thefts by 10%. and i met with the retailers, established a rapport with them. the number-one item that was being stolen countywide, statewide was tide detergent. they couldn't keep it on the shelves. >> so in terms of why it's being still toen -- when i first heard the story i assumed it was like sudafed or some drugs being used to makes other drugs like meth or something. but tide has nothing to do with making drugs, right? this is simply a question of stealing it and then bartering with it? >> yes, ma'am. we thought the same thing. i had unlimited resources. i stayed up late at night trying to find out what was the link, why so much tide of being stolen. and basically it's just a popular product, and everybody washes clothes. and it's low risk of being caught and high reward. >> so how big of a problem are we talking about here? how many people have you arrested? is there a big tide ring going on? >> yes, ma'am. since 2011, we've probably arrested 30 people in related tide -- tide-related thefts. >> wow. from what i understand, you actual
Jan 5, 2013 4:30am PST
and melanie, we're just -- we've been really strong together and been a united front and we're just going to have to remain that way and do what's best for our little girl. >> i know when i was at your home you have all her toys and things still laid out. i know you're hoping she'll be able to come home to them and we'll continue to watch this and check in with you as well. matt and melanie capobianco thank you both so much and best of luck. >> thank you, randi. >> thank you. >>> a man who answered an ad on craigslist for sperm now being hit up for child support? an interview with him next. >>> all right. about 12 minutes to the top of the hour now. let's take a look at some of the stories we're watching this morning. >> venezuelan officials say president hugo chavez has a severe lung infection and is, quote, fighting for his health right now. despite rumors the 58-year-old won't be able to be inaugurated to his fourth term next week. vice president nicholas meduro says his running mate can always take the oath at a later time. >>> 155,000 new jobs were added last month according to the n
Jan 5, 2013 7:00am PST
. he is somebody who has done extraordinary work both in the united states senate, somebody who served this country with valor in vietnam. and is somebody who's currently serving on my intelligence advisory board and doing an outstanding job. so i haven't made a decision on this. with respect to the particular comment that you quoted. he apologized for it. >> the president is referring to anti-gay remarks hagel made in the past. remarks that this ad in "the new york times" points out. the ad from the log cabin republicans mentions other criticisms of hagel. he has opposed sanctions again iran. and some say that he's been less than emphatic about his support for israel. >>> we saw it with the fiscal cliff, now the capitol hill confrontations over the debt ceiling are expected to get as intense if not worse. the debt ceiling is the legal limit on the nation's borrowing. in his weekly address, the president says he is taking a hard line on the issue. >> one thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab for the bill they've already racked up. if congress re
Jan 26, 2013 4:30am PST
anonymous has declared war on the u.s. government. it took over the website of the united states sentencing commission this morning and posted this video. the message demands reforms of the justice system. hackers threatened chaos if the government doesn't meet their demands. the message says the suicide death of internet activist aaron schwartz prompted the threat. he was facing federal computer fraud charges and 35 years in jail. >>> live pictures for you this morning here. thousands of people expected to march on the national mall in washington later this morning to support tighter gun control measures, lawmakers, pastors, even some celebrities will be joined by victims of mass shootings, including residents from newtown, connecticut. they want congress to enforce a ban on military-style assault weapons and require universal background checks. >>> number three now, and this is pretty controversial. the milwaukee county sheriff here you see took out a radio ad that warns people to arm themselves. listen to sheriff david clark jr. >> with officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 91
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)